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We have been asked a lot, why did we decided to take on a volunteer assignment and move to a tiny atoll in the Pacific? I will try and answer this as best i can. Being a graphic designer by trade, and deciding to step away from the corporate advertising rat race and pursue my own creative projects. I was free to support Glenn when he went through a similar disillusionment and wanted to explore different adventurous options. We thought about what we really wanted to do, if money was no option. We wanted to travel more... So i started to look at how we could do that while still maintaining to stay afloat financially. I ended up at the AVI (Australian Volunteers International) website. Where they advertise volunteer roles, in specific countries. So if you meet the job criteria, you would have to decide if you could live in that country. There was a role advertised in The Marshall Islands that matched Glenn's skill set. The application closed on Monday. It was Friday, so i quickly did a search for 'windsurf & Marshall Islands". I was guided to a video that has been featured in The Windsurfing II movie. I showed it to Glenn at lunchtime... And as they say the rest is history. He was hooked, and we applied. Obviously we have done a lot more research since then. And have learned so much more about a country we did not know existed, except for the infamous Bikini bombing.

From the time we applied and the day we arrived in Majuro, a year had passed. In that year we went through many different emotions. From excitement, to feeling totally overwhelmed, to brave and ultimately to being super focused. Focused on the task at hand. We had set in motion a series of events that would ultimately lead us to live on a tiny atoll for 2 years on a minimal income. We had to get ready. So, first of all we needed to get the house ready to rent out. Pack up our stuff, say goodbye to friends and family.

Volunteering has never really been on our radar. My mum says we are too young. People say we are brave. But in the end, i don't feel brave or question my age. From the moment we considered this option. It just kind off happened. I don't think we ever consciously sat down and talked through all our hopes and fears. It became a process. We did say to eachother, if one of us had a single doubt that would prevent us from going. We would stay. Obviously, we both like to change things up and see what happens. So here we are, living in Majuro. And we will see where it takes us next.